The Golden Thread

Reflections on Myth and Memory

The Golden thread

 Reflections on Myth and Memory

Paintings and text by Kevin Convery

107 pages

30 original paintings in full color by the author

Size : 8.5" x 11"(coffee table size)


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Travels on the Night Sea


In the literary vein of 'The Razor's Edge,' this chronicle of innocence, love and loss, disillusionment and illumination is a poetic memoir of three changeful decades, the sixties, seventies and eighties, that reshaped our cultural landscape forever. "Travels…" unfolds from early childhood to midlife, from the green, shaded hollows of Wissahickon Park in Philadelphia, to the timeworn hill towns of Tuscany, to the arctic austerity of the Bering Sea

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248 pages in paperback- $16 (includes shipping and handling)


"The Golden Thread-Reflections on Myth and Memory" by Kevin Convery is an intimate  
exploration of the world of European Myth,and how this cultural inheritance still informs much of
our emotional and imaginative existence today.

107 pages, in paperback, with 30 original paintings in full color by the author, the book is both a visual
and poetic/philosophical reflection on the timeless themes of love, mortality, time, desire and transition.

A Wonderful way to reflect on the human condition, or present as a gift on soulful  occasions

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Cover design: ‘The Weavers’ 1990 oil on canvas by Kevin Convery